1. I am allergic to gluten and wheat. Are your products safe for me?
    Lean and Green’s ‘Greens’ Superfoods Complex is wheat and gluten free. Our wheatgrass juices are made from pre sprouted grasses. This means they are picked before they develop any grains that contain gluten. To ensure our products are consistently gluten free, each new batch of ‘Greens’ Superfoods Complex is tested to make sure there is no contamination.
    Please note: Lean and Green’s ‘Greens and Fruits’ Superfoods Complex is not gluten free.
  2. Can I take Lean and Green’s products while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Our products are not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming any supplement or starting any new diet during this time.
  3. Can I use Lean and Green’s products alongside prescription drugs?
    If you take prescibed medication it is always advisable to check with your healthcare professional first to avoid interactions.
  4. Why are ‘Greens’ powder products so expensive?
    If you were to purchase all the antioxidants, probiotcs, herbal extracts, protein, superfoods and wholefood source vitamins and minerals etc that you find in a tub of Lean and Green Superfood Complex you would spend considerably more than the cost of a single tub.
  5. Do I need to take any extra supplements in addition?
    Lean and Green’s products have been developed to provide you with all your daily nutritional needs.┬á Any food supplementation should be taken alongside a healthy balanced diet. Lean and Green’s ‘Greens’ Superfoods Complex is ideal. If however you feel your diet lacks sufficient fruit and vegetables then Lean and Green’s ‘Greens and Fruits’ Superfoods Complex is an ideal solution. Either way, any additional supplements should only be taken on the advice of your healthcare practitioner.
  6. Why do you suggest taking Lean and Green’s products in the morning?
    Lean and Green’s products provide a burst of energy shortly after taking on an empty stomach – no one wants to feel turbo charged before going to bed!
  7. Why do you suggest taking Lean and Greens products on an empty stomach?
    The nutrient factors in Lean and Greens Superfoods Complexes can be absorbed into the bloodstream in as little as 20 minutes. The presence of food in the stomach can slow this absorption process.
  8. What sets Lean and Green’s products apart from other greens drinks currently on the market?
    Lean and Green has added to both products a new natural supplement called Policosanol Complex which is gaining popularity with those wishing to lower their cholesterol naturally and support their cardiovascular system.
    In addition if you select Lean and Green’s ‘Greens and Fruits’ Superfoods Complex you you will have yourself a ‘greens and reds’ all-in-one daily drink packed with antioxidants. Most of the greens powder drinks currently available do not deliver this benefit.
  9. Are Lean and Green’s products suitable for children?
    Lean and Green’s products have not been formulated for children. They are unsuitable mainly because of their herbal content.
  10. How long until I notice a difference after starting Lean and Greens products?
    Most people, including ourselves, noticed a difference in energy within the first few days. This helps in avoiding unnecessary snacking to boost energy levels as well as to facilitate longer and more effective exercise sessions. Generally, as with all food supplementation, the benefits build up over time. This is what makes Lean and Greens products safe to take on a daily basis, thus avoiding side effects, toxicity or contraindications when taking synthetic supplements regularly.
    Remember, Lean and Greens Superfoods Complexes are cleansing and detoxifying, so it is essential to drink plenty of water to support these processes particularly when starting out .
  11. I’ve tried other greens powder products and been put off by the unpleasant taste and smell. How can I be sure that your products taste as good as you say they do?
    Due to similar experiences ourselves, we have worked hard to produce what we believe to be the best tasting greens powder drink on the market. We feel confident in being able to offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll like the taste. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.