Green Supplements

Green Supplements Powder

Green supplements from Lean & Green Nutrition are not just for those who exercise intensively, they are also for those who wish to improve their health or are maybe time poor and wary that they may need to supplement their diets if they are not managing to get their 5-a-day of fruits and green vegetables.

Green supplements powders are also an ideal solution for later years when digestion and intestinal motility can be poor.

We supercharge our Green Supplements with:

  • a premium probiotic
  • colon cleansing apple & acacia fibre
  • Policosanol complex ÔÇô a natural plant extract to help manage cholesterol levels
  • Green Tea extract to speed metabolism and help curb appetite
  • Siberian Ginseng to boost energy and help combat fatigue

We havenÔÇÖt used any cheap fillers or used the cheaper ingredients in our formulas to bulk out our products. In fact there is one whole shot of wheatgrass in every daily serving of our green supplements ÔÇô thatÔÇÖs over 50% wheatgrass powder per serving when most other greens powders use less than 20%.

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